“MIXNINE” Shares More Agency Tour Photos Featuring HIGHTEEN, 24K, Seven O’Clock, And More

JTBC and YG Entertainment’s idol survival show “MIXNINE” has shared more photos from their visits to different agencies to find the next star!

“MIXNINE” is set to follow Yang Hyun Suk has he visits over 60 agencies across Korea to find talented trainees and idols to join his show and potentially become the next big star in the K-pop world.

The first batch of photos from Yang Hyun Suk’s “agency tour” were shared earlier, and more have been released since then! Check them out below.

STARO Entertainment houses singers Klang and Seven O’Clock. All six members of the idol group can be seen auditioning for Yang Hyun Suk, and they participated under their real names Song Han Gyeom (stage name A-Day), Park Sung Hyun (Hyun), Kim Young Hoon, Kim Sang Won (Vaan), Im Jeong Gyu, and Kim Tae Young.

Next was K-Tigers, which houses Byun Hyun Min, who appeared on “Produce 101 Season 2” earlier this year and recently made his debut as a member of RAINZ. Trainees Kim Young Woong and Oh Hyung Gyun can be seen auditioning in the photos.

Star Empire, which manages artists like Seo In Young, Nine Muses, and IMFACT, also participated in the agency tour. Trainees who auditioned from Star Empire were OMZM’s Kim Yoon Ji and Kang Si Hyun, as well as Lee Si Eun, Lee Da Won, Choi Ji Yeon, Lee Ara, and Jang Hyo Kyung.

Next on the stop was Roots Entertainment. Girls’ Alert members Yoon Ji Sung, Jang Ji Ho (stage name Han Gyeo Wool), Jeon Yoo Jin (Jeon Saet Byul), Lee Yeo Reum (Lee Goo Seul), and Kim Min Jung (Kim Seul Bi), as well as trainee Lee Boom, participated in the auditions.

Illusion Entertainment featured HIGHTEEN’s Im Hae Bin, Moon Eun Jin, Park Hyun Joo (stage name Hae Joo), and Kim Soo Jung (Se Ah).

Mystic Entertainment, in which singer Yoon Jong Shin is a head producer, featured trainees Shin Gwang Il, Kang Jin Chul, Shin Dong Hyu, Sung Si Won, Kim Seung Min, Kim Soo Hyun, Ryu Si On, Hwang Ji Min, and Lee Do Yoon.

MOLE Entertainment put forth trainees Lee Ye Eun, Yukika Teramoto, Kim Sori, and Heo Young Joo.

Next on the list was Choeun Entertainment, and six members of idol group 24K can be seen auditioning in the photos. Hong Cory, Shim Hong Seob, Choi Ki Su, Lee Chang Sun, Kim Jin Hong, and Kim Jung Wook showcased their singing and dancing skills for the judges.

Contestants from FM Entertainment were Jung Hyun Woo, Kim Sang Yeon, and Shin Joong Min.

Last on the list of agencies whose photos were shared was RBW Entertainment, which houses groups like MAMAMOO and Vromance, as well as rapper Basick. They featured Moon Jun Ho, Shin Seung Joo, Lee Jae Jun, Kim Young Jo, Jo Young Sang, Lee Gun Min, and VROMANCE’s Lee Chan Dong, Lee Hyun Suk, Park Hyun Gyu, and Park Jang Hyun from their male trainees. For female contestants, RBW put forth Na Go Eun, Jang Eun Sung, Lee Ye Sol, Park Ji Eun, Jo Yoo Ri, Kim Sung Eun, Kim Young Seo, Seo Ji Heun, Park Ji Eun, and Kwon Bo Kyung.

“MIXNINE” will premiere on October 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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