VIXX’s Hongbin And LABOUM’s Solbin To Star In Upcoming Drama For Disability Awareness

VIXX’s Hongbin and LABOUM’s Solbin will be donating their talents for an upcoming drama!

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the Republic of Korea Ministry of Education, and the We First Campaign plan a drama for disability awareness each year. Hongbin and Solbin have been cast as the leads of “Shining Sounds” (working title), the 2018 drama of the yearly project. The drama will follow the school life of two students as they work to understand each other and grow together.

Hongbin will play the role of Joo Hyun Sung, a high school student who was born with hearing impairment. Through his mother’s efforts and training, he is able to communicate well through spoken word, so most do not know about his disability at first glance. He want to create a bowling club at school as he has strong passion for the sport.

Solbin will play the role of Lee Soo Ah, the most popular member of idol group GirlStar. One day, rumors spread of conflict within the group, and she surprises everyone with her decision to take a break and attend school. She is classmates with Joo Hyun Sung, who is a fan of her fellow group member Ellie.

KBS’s 10-episode drama “Shining Sounds” will be broadcast in April 2018 for National Disabled Persons Day.

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