Jung Ryeo Won Tries To Drink Her Troubles Away In New Stills From “Witch’s Court”

KBS’s “Witch’s Court” has released new stills of Jung Ryeo Won as Ma Yi Deum that show her having a little too much to drink, but for a reason that many can sympathize with.

The new stills show Yi Deum downing one too many beers and looking shocked when Yeo Jin Wook (played by Yoon Hyun Min) suddenly appears in front of her. Her drunken antics are sure to give viewers a laugh as she shows a side of herself that differs from the driven, career woman that Ma Yi Deum is at her workplace.

When he learns why Yi Deum doesn’t want to go back to her own home, Jin Wook ends up taking her back to his house and lets her crash on his couch for the night.


In episode 3, which aired on October 16, viewers watched Ma Yi Deum and Yeo Jin Wook as they searched for the culprit behind a hidden camera that was installed as an act of revenge. While working on the case, Yi Deum discovered a hidden camera in her own house and the scene left viewers on the edge of their seats as it ended with the sound of someone entering the passcode into her door lock.

Viewers will be able to see whether the duo are able to catch the culprits behind the hidden cameras, as well as how Yi Deum will react when she wakes up at Jin Wook’s house after the harrowing ordeal of discovering that someone was secretly watching her in her own home. The “Witch’s Court” team has teased that the new episode will bring a big change to Yi Deum and Jin Wook’s dynamics.

The fourth episode of “Witch’s Court” will air on October 17 at 10 p.m. KST.

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