Suzy Achieves Impressive Reporting Skills Through Extensive Efforts On “While You Were Sleeping”

Suzy has shown the results of hard work through her role in “While You Were Sleeping”!

In the drama, Suzy’s character Nam Hong Joo is a news reporter for SBC. Suzy impressed viewers with her firm tone and clear pronunciation. It has been revealed that she put in extensive effort to improve her skills, visiting real reporters to receive advice and lessons. SBS reporter Jung Hye Kyung, who helped Suzy with her speech, commented, “Her tone was good from the start, so there were no problems. I mostly taught her legal terms and tips on how to read legal articles.” She added, “Not just in person, but we exchanged opinions constantly through messages, as well. She would record parts that she wasn’t sure about, and I would read it back to her.”

Jung Hye Kyung continued, “Even a few minutes before filming, she would send me a recording and ask, ‘Would it be okay if I do it like this?’ She worked really hard. Her enthusiasm was great, so practicing with her was fun. She was very passionate.”Not only did Suzy practice her speech, but she learned the tasks that actual reporters do as part of their jobs. Jung Hye Kyung shared that Suzy was curious about the process of how reporters carry out their research to cover and write stories.

In addition, Suzy studied and practiced a lot by herself. She watched the film “Spotlight” and videos of actual reporters to guide her practicing.

When asked about the positive reception to Suzy’s reporting skills, Jung Hye Kyung expressed her pride and gave credit to Suzy’s extensive efforts. “While You Were Sleeping” airs every Wednesday and Thursday via SBS at 10 p.m. KST.

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