Melon Spotlights Key Themes In 2017 Music Industry Ahead Of Melon Music Awards

With the 2017 Melon Music Awards coming up on December 2, Melon Magazine recently shared a spotlight on some of the key themes and issues from Korea’s music industry this year.

Check out a brief summary of what was seen in the K-pop industry in 2017!

1. Rise of the Queens

2017 was a year of female solo artists and girl groups. Every track IU and Heize released made it to the top of the music charts, and Suran also saw great chart success. TWICE also secured their status as a “chart killer” as their releases this year all received great love.

2. Popular Rookies

Wanna One made a splash in the music world with the nation’s producers’ support for them following “Produce 101 Season 2.” Immediately after their debut, they scored No. 1 on music charts, not to mention appearing as guests on various radio shows and variety shows. The rookie group recorded 15 wins with their debut track “Energetic” and the song is still doing well on many music charts.

In addition, many more participants from “Produce 101 Season 2” have been making exciting debuts, including Jeong Sewoon, RAINZ, Samuel, and more, with JBJ’s much-anticipated debut set for October 18.

3. Songs Belatedly Rising on Charts

This year, we saw many songs gaining popularity awhile after their release. Among them was NU’EST’s 2013 track “Hello,” which climbed to high rankings on charts after many of the group members appeared on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

Deepflow’s “Jakdu,” SEENROOT’s “Sweet Heart,” Hwang Chi Yeul’s “A Daily Song,” and Yoon Jong Shin’s “Like It” also ranked high on the music charts unexpectedly awhile after their release.

4. Idol Producers

Idols with great producing skills also stood out this year. Block B, whose members are known to produce their own songs, showed that not only Zico but also Park Kyung was a capable producer. BTS’ Suga, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, and B1A4’s Jinyoung also proved their producing skills as their songs ranked high on the music charts.

5. Music in Variety Shows

As “healing” variety shows became popular, the background music for these shows received greater love this year. “Youn’s Kitchen” and “Hyori’s Homestay” are the two main examples where viewers were captivated by the relaxing music. The album released by the cast on “Begin Again,” a musical variety show that featured talented musicians busking in foreign countries, was successful as well.

Melon Magazine also mentioned popular foreign singers’ visit to Korea, tropical house as the newly popular genre, and more.

2017 Melon Music Awards will take place on December 2 with approximately 20,000 fans at Gocheok Sky Dome.

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