Watch: Jung So Min Is Adorable In “Because This Is My First Life” Blooper Clip

tvN’s “Because This is My First Life” has released a behind-the-scenes clip featuring the casts’ adorable mistakes!

At the beginning of the clip, Jung So Min goes up to the director to make a suggestion as they’re filming the scene where Lee Min Ki confronts Jung So Min after their inadvertent kiss. Her suggestion, it turns out, is putting in the narration of “Is he insane?” in her voice as she looks baffled after Lee Min Ki asks, “For what exact reason did you kiss me?”

Even during little breaks, Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min are seen practicing their lines. They giggle and joke with each other, especially when Lee Min Ki forgets his lines and asks himself what the next line is.

The clip also shows Jung So Min doing several retakes for the scene where she has to throw the garbage bag into a big garbage bin. She throws the bag straight into the bin and successfully makes the lid close down on her first try during the rehearsal, surprising the staff on set. She then jokingly says to the director, “You saw that, right?” But when the cameras start rolling, Jung So Min repeatedly misses the mark. The staff and the embarrassed actress both laugh about it until she finally completes the scene perfectly after 10 tries.

“Because This is My Life” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Watch the adorable blooper clip below!

And check out the first episode of the drama below!