Eunhyuk Sweetly Responds To Epik High’s Tablo Praise About Super Junior’s Reality Show

Known to be lookalikes, Epik High’s Tablo and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk recently showed off just how much they admired each other through Twitter.

Tablo put up a post that praised “SJ Returns,” a reality show on V Live that is airing ahead of Super Junior’s comeback. During one of the episodes, the members got together to look through their old albums and talk about their history. Tablo wrote, “It was extremely touching and easy to sympathize when the members were looking through their first album to now.”

Through his own twitter account, Eunhyuk sweetly replied, “Then as a present I’ll give you our CD! Epik High is the best!” He added a heart, showing his fondness for the older celebrity.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be making their comeback in November and Epik High also released teasers for their own upcoming comeback.

Updated October 18 KST:

Tablo has replied to Eunhyuk’s tweet with the message, “CDs [will be] exchanged. Please give me something else as a gift. Super Junior is the best!”