“MIXNINE” Shows Trainees From JYP, YG, And More In New Agency Tour Photos

“MIXNINE” has released some more glimpses of their agency tour, including JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment trainees, as well as familiar faces such as Heo Chanmi.

The upcoming JTBC survival show will feature YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk visiting over 60 agencies to find hidden talent, with both trainees and idols from the agencies to take part in the show. The end goal of “MIXNINE” is to debut a new nine-member group, with female and male finalist groups competing in the final round for the chance to debut.

“MIXNINE” has already shared photos from their agency tour, including shots of LOONA and ONF members, agencies including Banana Culture Entertainment, Eleven9 Entertainment, and more, as well as photos of HIGHTEEN, 24K, Seven O’Clock, and more.

The show has recently released even more photos from their agency tour. Check them out below!

Brave Entertainment is home to artists including Brave Girls, BIGSTAR, and Samuel. The female trainees who were part of the “MIXNINE” agency tour were Park Soo Jin, Im Ha Young, Lee Hyo Shin, Choi Bo Ra, Yoo Jin Kyung, and Kim Young Eun.

Paksal Company trainees including Moon Ga Kyung (of the group PPL), Lee Young Joo, Park Young Shin, Oh Ji In, Oh Min Ji, and Im Eun Hye are seen introducing themselves to the “MIXNINE” staff and performing.

Members of the boy group JJCC performed during the “MIXNINE” agency tour at The Jackie Chan Group Korea, including Eddy (under his real name Edward Oh), Zica (Noh Dae Hwan), SimBa (Kim Young Jin), and Yul (Kim Chan Yul).

The agency tour also included a visit to YG Entertainment, and photos show trainees Lee Byung Gon, Choi Hyun Suk, and Kim Joon Kyu.

Mostable Music was visited on the “MIXNINE” agency tour, with trainees Kim Min Kyung, Heo Chanmi, Choi Soo Jung, and Baek Da Ae taking part. Heo Chanmi has been in groups including Coed School and F-ve dolls, and was also a popular contestant on “Produce 101.”

Heo Chanmi is preparing to debut with the group High Color and her other members were confirmed to be joining “MIXNINE,” although it is not clear if all the trainees in these photos will be in the group.

Chrome Entertainment was another stop on the “MIXNINE” agency tour, with photos showing Be.A members Park Sung Hyun, Kim Jae Oh, Yang Hong Kyu, Jung Young Kyun, and Park Woo Young.

More photos show Unleash Entertainment’s Ng Sze Kai (Shin), who also participated in “Produce 101,” and trainees without agencies including Lee Yoo Jin and Jung Yoo Jung.

Most recently, the show has shared photos from their agency tour at JYP Entertainment, showing trainees Shin Ryu Jin and Park Sun Min. Shin Ryu Jin gained a fan following after appearing in BTS’s “Love Yourself” highlight reels this summer, while Park Sun Min is a vocalist trainee with three years of experience. The pair both appeared in the premiere episode of the new JYP survival show “Stray Kids” along with other female trainees.

“MIXNINE” will be premiering on JTBC on October 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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