Kim Jong Kook Playfully Teases Haha For Telling Song Ji Hyo He Loves Her

Three beloved members of SBS’s “Running Man” recently showed their funny friendship through a broadcast on V Live.

On October 18, Kim Jong Kook and Haha appeared on a V Live show for “Big Picture.” During the broadcast, Haha commented, “Song Ji Hyo said she’s currently watching the show. I’ll try calling her.”

He called her on the spot, and fortunately she answered. However, she told him she was currently filming. He replied, “Oh, really? Then come on ‘Big Picture’ next time. Bye. I love you.” With that, he quickly ended their call.

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After that, Kim Jong Kook started to poke fun at Haha’s goodbye. He asked, “You love her? Does Byul know this? You love her? Technically, you guys aren’t family.” Haha replied, “I like her without the trembling feelings. I like her because she’s [like] my little sister.”

Hopefully, Song Ji Hyo will appear on “Big Picture” and hang out with her “Running Man” brothers!

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