CJ E&M Responds To Accusations Of Unfair Contracts And Practices

Following Congresswoman Je Youn Kyung’s official request for the Fair Trade Commission to take action against survival audition programs and broadcasting stations for unfair contracts and practices, CJ E&M has spoken up.

A source from CJ E&M explained the contract process for “Produce 101 Season 2” and said, “Prior to starting Season 2 we held meetings with agencies to explain the contracts three times in the beginning of the year.”

The source also refuted that CJ E&M abused appearance contracts and treated them like exclusive contracts. The source said, “Following the contract explanation meetings the contracts were signed, so all of the contracts were completed before broadcasts started. We received recommendations from the Fair Trade Commission after which we revised clauses in the contracts and then the contracts were signed.”

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In regards to comments about other members of Wanna One (besides Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung who are signed under CJ subsidiary MMO Entertainment) belonging to agencies that CJ E&M has shares in, the source said, “It is clearly not true. There are none besides MMO Entertainment.”

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