Wanna One Revealed To Have Received Amazing Top Star Treatment As Rookies

Wanna One may be considered rookies in the entertainment industry, but they’re receiving top star treatment that no other idols have ever gotten when they first debuted.

Just three months into their debut, Wanna One is already being pampered with business class seats on airplanes and private hotel rooms for each member. Usually, rookie idols sit in the economy class and share hotel rooms with each other. However, the Wanna One members showed tremendous impact in the industry and became big stars in a short amount of time, so they’re being treated accordingly to their changed status.

Casting Wanna One is expensive as well, and they’re already the most sought-out idols for events, concerts, and shows. The members boast of a pay that is equal to that of a top star. The organizers even arrange their schedule around Wanna One’s. On top of that, it was recently revealed that one magazine paid an expensive amount to have Wanna One featured in its pictorial.

Many variety shows are working hard to cast Wanna One. Recently, Kang Daniel finished filming “Running Man” and Kim Jae Hwan made an appearance on “Immortal Songs.” Kang Daniel and Ong Sung Woo were also praised for their variety skills on “The Master Key.” It is believed that Wanna One’s appearance guarantees high viewership ratings. Hence, they’re receiving many love calls from the industry.

Meanwhile, Wanna One is reported to be filming their new music video for their upcoming comeback in November.

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