Film Director Comments On Recent Sexual Assault Case Involving Jo Deok Jae

(Jo Deok Jae pictured above)

Last week, an actor was charged with sexually assaulting an actress while filming a movie together in April of 2015. That actor was revealed to be Jo Deok Jae, who denied the allegations and said he was innocent.

On October 18, the director of that film spoke with a news outlet to weigh in on the case. Film director “A” has come forward and said, “Everything Jo Deok Jae said is a lie.” He continued, “Till now, I remained neutral, but there are so many things that Jo Deok Jae is saying that are not true.”

During his press conference on October 17, Jo Deok Jae talked about the scene of ripping clothing off of the actress and said, “The actress said it wasn’t a scene she had consented to, but the director had explained it to me as if it was all explained and agreed to.”

Jo Deok Jae added, “The director, general producing director, and crew were afraid that there would be no movie without the actress, so they didn’t even try to find out the truth. They decided amongst themselves that I would be dropped from the movie and I believe I am being blamed for their sake.”

In response, Director A said, “After the incident happened, I met and spoke more with Jo Deok Dae than the actress and her side. I sincerely tried to help, but he’s now playing with words. I’m appalled that he’s talking as if the director is hiding in the back. I never hid.”

Director A stated, “I didn’t say anything in fear that my stance would be biased, but now Jo Deok Dae is targeting me and using the media. I am even thinking of suing him for libel and slander.”

The director said he will officially issue a statement after the actress’s side holds a press conference on October 24.

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