Lee Yoo Jin Shares How Han Seung Yeon Helped Him Adjust To “Age Of Youth 2”

In a recent interview, “Age of Youth 2” star Lee Yoo Jin opened up about his co-star Han Seung Yeon and how she was a big support on set.

The young actor joined the drama’s cast belatedly after SHINee’s Onew stepped down from the role. While it was still before the drama aired, he was put in a position where he had to begin filming as soon as possible as he joined just 10 days before the premiere, unlike the other cast members.

While the burden he felt was heavy, Lee Yoo Jin explained that Han Seung Yeon was a big help. In the drama, the two actors’ characters helped each other heal scars from their respective pasts.

“I think [Han Seung Yeon] also thought that I would be having a hard time [adapting]. She would energize and comfort me a lot. Thanks to her, the time it took for me to adjust was significantly shortened,” he shared.

As for their chemistry, he commented, “It was good because Seung Yeon was very considerate of me.”

“Age of Youth 2” recently ended with high viewership ratings.

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