f(x)’s Amber Adds Her Own Thoughts To “Me Too” Conversation About Sexual Harassment

f(x)’s Amber has spoken out to join the recent conversation about sexual abuse and harassment.

The hashtag “MeToo” began trending recently on social media after people were encouraged to speak about their experiences of sexual harassment following the surfacing of accusations made against Harvey Weinstein.

On October 20, Amber wrote her own message on Instagram about the issue, and included the hashtag “metoo.”

“It happens everywhere, even here,” she wrote. “I want to add my voice as well. Not only from what I have experienced but also from what I have seen my friends and loved ones have to go through… and because it’s so common, I hate to say it.. the feelings became so numb and we all felt that we just had to ‘deal with it.’”

“As the human race, let’s continue to show love, compassion and respect towards one another,” she stated.

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In reply, fans have been showing their support and love for Amber in the comments, and thanking her for speaking out to say “Me too.”