Yoon Hoo From “Dad! Where Are We Going” To Appear On Variety Show “My Foreigner Friend”

Viewers will be able to see their “Dad! Where Are We Going” fan-favorite Yoon Hoo on another variety show!

Yoon Hoo, the son of singer Yoon Min Soo, will be appearing on JTBC’s “My Foreigner Friend,” where he’ll be traveling to the U.S. by himself to spend a week with friends of the same age.

Yoon Hoo previously gained a lot of attention and love on MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going,” for his adorable looks and voracious appetite, as well as his polite manners and care for his younger brother. He is now 12 years old (Korean reckoning), and will be meeting viewers for the first time in a while. On the show, he will be staying at the house of an American female friend.

“My Foreigner Friend” producing director (PD) Kim Soo Ah stated, “Yoon Hoo physically got a lot bigger but his face is the same as the past. His height is 150 centimeters (approximately 4 foot 11 inches) and his weight is a secret. On his first day at his American friend’s house, he was energetic and ate well even though it could’ve been an unfamiliar environment to him. You’ll be able to see adorable Yoon Hoo eating again.”

PD Kim Soo Ah also revealed that Yoon Hoo attended his friend’s school for a week. She commented, “Yoon Hoo was very sweet to his friend. His friend also took good care of him when he went to school with her. She introduced him to all her friends, who were all girls as well. It was adorable to see Yoon Hoo eating amidst all the girls during lunchtime. Although the school he went to was a normal public school, their motto was to be a ‘fun school,’ so it’ll be interesting to see the school as well.”

Yoon Hoo’s appearance on “My Foreigner Friend” will air on October 22 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

Are you excited to see Yoon Hoo again?

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