“Revolutionary Love” Releases Stills Of Choi Siwon Preparing Romantic Event

On October 21, tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Revolutionary Love” released stills for their upcoming episode, showing Super Junior’s Choi Siwon preparing a special event for Kang Sora on a rooftop.

“Revolutionary Love,” which aired its first two episodes last week, has been receiving praise for its hilarious episodes and its relatable characters Byun Hyuk (Choi Siwon), Baek Jun (Kang Sora), and Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung).


In the last few episodes, after causing a disturbance in an airplane, third-generation chaebol Byun Hyuk was forced to hide his identity. He received help from Baek Jun and managed to hide in an officetel, but his identity was eventually exposed. In order to help Byun Hyuk, who was being chased by the police, Baek Jun and Kwon Je Hoon headed to where he was. Byun Hyuk, who was delighted to see Baek Jun, told her to stay by his side and declared, “Today is our first day [of dating]!” With the unpredictable character Byun Hyuk, “Revolutionary Love” plans to charge ahead with the storyline in the upcoming episodes.

In the first still, the troublemaker, beagle-like Byun Hyuk is replaced by a more serious Byun Hyuk, with his handsomeness exuding from head to toe. He has with him a giant bouquet of pink roses, and he looks happy and excited as he awaits Baek Jun’s arrival.

In the second still, Byun Hyuk is deeply absorbed in decorating Baek Jun’s rooftop with romantic lights.

However, in the third still of the rooftop, Byun Hyuk appears forlorn and not so excited anymore.

In the final still, Baek Jun gazes at the bouquet of roses left by Byun Hyuk.

The production staff of the drama commented, “Although he may seem like a child who doesn’t know anything about the world, the story of the innocent and sweet-hearted Byun Hyuk is about to start. This episode will be a major turning point for him, one that portrays a lot of his struggles but also a lot of laughter.”

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