Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Apologizes For His Family’s Dog Causing Death Of Restaurant CEO

Update: Family Of Deceased CEO Forgives Choi Siwon And Decides Not To Take Legal Action

On September 30, the CEO of Hanilkwan, an upscale Korean restaurant, got bitten by a neighbor’s dog that wasn’t on a leash. The woman passed away from sepsis six days later, and the dog was revealed to be Choi Siwon’s and his family’s.

On October 21, Choi Siwon wrote an apology on his personal Instagram, saying, “This is Choi Siwon. I bow my head in apology to the bereaved family, who must be going through great shock and sorrow right now. I feel very apologetic for the incident that our family’s dog was recently involved in. I extend my sincerest condolences to the family of the deceased.”

He continued, “As a member of a family raising a dog, I feel a great sense of responsibility. I should’ve kept close supervision at all times, but my carelessness led to a horrible incident and I am deeply reflecting. I will make sure this doesn’t happen again. I apologize for causing trouble. May she rest in peace.”

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