Yoon Hyun Min Shows Different Sides Of Himself In New “Witch’s Court” Stills

New stills for “Witch’s Court” were released, featuring Yoon Hyun Min’s heart fluttering potential in the upcoming episode.

In the revealed stills, Jin Wook (Yoon Hyun Min) is seen at Yi Deum’s (Jung Ryeo Won) house, looking stunned. Many are curious to see how Jin Wook would react to Yi Deum’s messy house, as his own house is always kept spotlessly clean.

Calling it a “Victim Support Service,” Jin Wook lets Yi Deum stay at his house, since she is still anxious from being targeted as a hidden camera victim. The next still shows Jin Wook cooking some steak possibly for Yi Deum.

The last set of stills show Yi Deum and Jin Wook in comfortable wear, with Yi Deum passed out from drinking beer and Jin Wook facepalming in despair.

Check out the fifth episode on October 23, 10 p.m. KST in order to find out the story behind these stills!

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