Choi Yeo Jin Explains Why Super Junior’s Shindong Would Make A Great Husband

Super Junior’s Shindong and actress Choi Yeo Jin showed off some unexpected chemistry in the variety show “Unmarried Girl” (working title).

In the episode of “Unmarried Girl” set to air on October 23, Shindong visits Choi Yeo Jin’s house. Before the visit, Shindong who is one of her closest friends, asks her if guys visit her house often, and she replies, “That means you’re seriously not my type,” to which Shindong retorts, “You’re definitely not my type either.”

But once they start to hang out, the two show off some great chemistry as a pair. Shindong appears to be surprised himself as he says, “I’m not supposed to have these feelings, but it feels like we’re a newlywed couple.” Choi Yeo Jin also admits that she thinks Shindong would make a good husband.

She’s proven to be right when Shindong roams around her house and fixes broken things. He even has no problem fixing her broken gas stove that had left her to use gas lighters instead. Shindong shares that he’s good at fixing things and expresses the awkwardness in seeing Choi Yeo Jin in a different light. “It’s really like we’re married. It’s like we’re a newlywed couple,” he says. He then adds jokingly, “But if I live with you, I think you would tell me off a lot. Didn’t you say I moved too little and that you wanted to change me?”

During an interview with the production staff, Choi Yeo Jin reveals that she gets along with Shindong really well. “He’s really nice on the inside. And he knows everything. Unlike what I had expected, he’s very good and skilled at doing housework,” she explains.

However, she adds, “I think we’re comfortable because we’re not each other’s types. My ideal type is a modern-looking man with no double eyelids and a narrow face. If I fall for someone, I can’t even talk to him or look at him.”

The other cast members of the show comment that they would make a great couple, applauding their chemistry.

Meanwhile, in the same episode of “Unmarried Girl,” actress Lee Chae Young will join as the new “unmarried girl” and two unmarried men will appear as the new MCs. It is set the air on October 23 at 11:00 p.m. KST.

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