B1A4 And MAMAMOO Members Talk About Moments They Were Thankful For Their Groupmates

SBS’s “JYP’s Party People” aired its final season one episode on October 21 with groups B1A4 and MAMAMOO as its guests.

B1A4’s Baro expressed his love for his members by sharing a story. Baro said, “My parents don’t live near me because I came from the countryside and I live in the dorm [with the members]. On the morning of my college entrance exam, I came out to the living room and there was a lunch box. When I opened it, [the members] had made a heart with beans [on top of the rice] and left me a hand-written letter. I was so thankful for my members.”

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul shed tears when speaking about her members and said, “It was difficult being a rapper in team [full of] vocalists, but I was thankful when [my members] told me I was doing a good job. They are a big source of strength for me just standing by me.”

Park Jin Young then asked B1A4’s maknae Gongchan when he was moved by his members.

Gongchan answered, “There was a time when I had to get surgery because I was really sick. I was in so much pain then, but the members said we should suspend promotions right away without a moment of hesitation. They said my body came first and I was so thankful for their thoughtfulness. I didn’t know they would think of me that way. I felt so sorry, I endured the pain.”

Park Jin Young commented, “So, it’s a situation where the older members said let’s stop, but you as the younger felt sorry and said let’s continue.” Gongchan replied, “Everyday I feel moved by my members.”

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