IU Brings The Laughs With Witty Congratulatory Wreath Sent To Band Member’s Wedding

IU recently had many laughing with her wit and humor when an image of a congratulatory flower wreath she sent was shared across online communities and social media.

The photo is said to have been taken on October 21 at the wedding of a band member who will accompany IU on her upcoming concert tour. The flower wreath came with the message, “I sincerely hope you stay together forever. Please excuse me taking him in November and December. From IU, the disreputable honeymoon destroyer.”

The message seems to be directed at the band member’s wife and reflects how IU feels sorry about the couple not being able to fully enjoy their newlywed status because he will be on tour with IU.

This is actually not the first time that IU’s witty flower wreaths have been in the spotlight. For example, she once used the lyrics, “I like you, oppa, what can I do?” from her hit song “Good Day” on a wreath for K.Will’s concert.

When “Weekly Idol” was celebrating their third anniversary, IU sent a message that read, “I’ve finished rehearsing the dance for ’24 hours!'” This was a direct reference to when IU made an appearance on the show and was participating in the “Random Play Dance” segment when Sunmi’s “24 hours” was suddenly turned on, causing the singer to freeze up.

IU is set to embark on her 2017 tour soon, starting in Busan on November 3 and moving on to Gwangju, Chungju, and finally, Seoul on December 9 and 10. The singer will also hold a concert in Hong Kong on November 25 as part of her tour.

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