Seo Hyun Jin And Yang Se Jong Are Adorable Together Even Off-Camera On “Degree Of Love”

It hasn’t been long since “Degree of Love” started airing, but the lead actors make as cute a couple off-camera as they do onscreen!

Recently, the SBS drama released some behind-the-scenes cuts of Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong on set. The two of them are glued at the hip when filming scenes together, from Yang Se Jong playfully marking the slate, rehearsing actions together, and sharing a blanket and mug.

In the drama, the couple have recently rekindled their romance (they play an ex-couple at the start of the drama) but their love story has been complicated by the relentless pursuit of Kim Jae Wook.

Meanwhile, “Degree of Love” has been battling it out in the ratings game with KBS’s “Witch’s Court.”

Watch the latest episode of “Degree of Love” below!

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