Yeon Jung Hoon Talks About How His Experience As A Father Has Affected His Acting

Recently actor Yeon Jung Hoon attended a press conference for the SBS special program “Bravo My Life” (written by Jung Ji Woo and directed by Jung Hyo). Also attending the conference were actors Do Ji Won, Park Sang Min, Hyun Woo, and Kang Ji Sub.

Yeon Jung Hoon is married to actress Han Ga In, who gave birth to a daughter in April 2016. When asked how their new child has affected his life, he said, “After my daughter was born, I feel that I am maturing as a father day by day. However, I don’t think it affects my choice of [acting] projects. I want to build a spectrum of experience through playing multiple villain roles. For this project, I thought of doing this and that. I wanted to try a brand new kind of melodrama.”

He added, “If I ever play a role as the father of a child, I think my experience raising my daughter would help. I am experiencing many things, but rather than influencing my decisions, it might come in handy later on.”

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