Watch: Yang Hyun Suk Goes Searching For The Next Big Star In First Teaser For “MIXNINE”

YG Entertainment and JTBC’s upcoming idol survival program has released its first teaser, and people will be surprised to see a few familiar faces!

The teaser video was shared by YG Entertainment on October 23 and shows Noh Hong Chul, CL, and Yang Hyun Suk as they tour agencies around the country to find the next big star. Whether it’s a well-established big agency building in Seoul or a stage set up in the middle of a forest, Yang Hyun Suk is not afraid to go wherever there is talent. While watching snippets of the auditions, viewers may be surprised to see Jang Moon Bok, who made quite the impact on this year’s “Produce 101 Season 2.”

The judges will also meet with a special guest, who is blurred out in the teaser. No Hong Chul says, “There are rumors that you don’t have a good relationship with Yang Hyun Suk,” to which the person replies, “He just doesn’t like me.” The scene then cuts to Yang Hyun Suk jokingly taking his frustrations out on a car that’s parked outside.

Check out the full teaser below!