“Show Champion” To Air 3 More Episodes For The Remainder Of 2017

After canceling its regular episodes for three consecutive weeks, “Show Champion” has revealed its plans for the rest of the year!

The music program will resume with a regular broadcast on October 25. This episode will feature comeback performances from BTOB, NU’EST W, and GOT7, as well as JBJ’s debut stage.

After this episode, “Show Champion” is planning on airing two more episodes before the year ends. They are likely to air sometime in November, but the dates have not been confirmed yet. As various artists are scheduled to make comebacks soon, the program is discussing the best timing for the broadcasts.

A source from “Show Champion” explained, “It is difficult to have a broadcast every week until the end of the year due to preparations for the Melon Music Awards.”

Check out the preview for this week’s episode below!

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