Han Seung Yeon And Lee Seo Won Talk About Their 9-Year Age Difference

On October 23, JTBC held a press conference for their web drama “Terms of Romance” at their building in Mapo District. PD (producing director) Kim Joon Hyung, Han Seung Yeon, and Lee Seo Won were in attendance.

“Terms of Romance” is the last installation in JTBC’s web drama series. The romantic comedy centers around a terminally ill female named Baek Se (Han Seung Yeon) who enters into a contract dating relationship with Yoon Dong Joon who resembles her favorite top star Ji Seol Woo (both portrayed by Lee Seo Won).

At the press conference, the pair was asked about their age gap. Han Seung Yeon said, “Lee Seo Won is nine years younger than me. I had some hope that the number wouldn’t come up. When I heard that Lee Seo Won would be my partner I was shocked twice. When I met him in person he treated me very well, so much that it didn’t feel like he was younger than me. I have a shy personality, but Seo Won is very playful and good at impersonations so I didn’t have time to think about our age gap because I was busy laughing.”

Lee Seo Won said, “Since I am still young, I think I get to work with individuals who are older than me. I’m not sure whether to call it coincidence or fate. I filmed ‘Terms of Romance’ with Han Seung Yeon who is nine years older and ‘Hospital Ship’ with Ha Ji Won who is 19 years older. When I’m on set I don’t really feel like I am younger. I play a lot of jokes.”

The bittersweet web drama “Terms of Romance” will be released through Naver TVCast.

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