Highlight Discusses Differences In Their Music Compared To When They Were BEAST

The members of Highlight took part in a pictorial and interview for the November issue of Marie Claire, where they talked about their music.

Highlight is currently promoting their second mini album and eighth-anniversary album “Celebrate.” When asked if the group’s music had changed, Yong Junhyung replied, “We didn’t try to change, but we tried to convey our feelings about how time passes and we age into the message [of our music].”

Lee Gikwang opened up about the musical direction of Highlight and explained, “Unlike our BEAST days, we think we should do music that is fun for us.”

Highlight said, “There’s a big part of us that feels sorry to our fans for being with us for eight years, but we also feel super grateful. Like how our album track ‘Celebrate’ is energizing, we hope we can celebrate today and do well in the future.”

The staff on the set of the pictorial commented that they could feel how each member efficiently carried out their part, and could see their close friendship.

Check out the stylish photos of Highlight in Marie Claire below!

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