“MIXNINE” Reveals More Agency Tour Photos Including Members Of DreamCatcher, Ladies’ Code, Romeo, And More

The YG survival show “MIXNINE” is set to air soon on JTBC and has shared some more shots from their agency tour!

“MIXNINE” is an upcoming show that first follows YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk as he visits over 60 agences to find potential new stars. The show will debut a new nine-member group, with the male and female finalist groups competing in the end for the chance to debut.

“MIXNINE” has so far shared plenty of photos from their agency tour, including shots of LOONA and ONF members, agencies including Banana Culture Entertainment, Eleven9 Entertainment, and more, as well as photos of HIGHTEEN, 24K, Seven O’Clock, and more. JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment trainees, as well as idols as Heo Chanmi, can also be seen in more photos.

The latest batches of photos show lots more new and familiar faces, including members of groups including DreamCatcher, Ladies’ Code, Romeo, ELRIS, and Favorite.

Check them out below!

The “MIXNINE” visit to CS included introductions to Yeo In Hye, Kim Eun Hye, Ryu Tae Kyung, Jang Gi Seob, Shin Dong Kyun, Cho Jin Hyung of “Produce 101 Season 2,” and Son Hyo Jung.

H.U.B’s Rui was seen as part of the agency tour photos along with MixInMedia’s Na Hee Soo.

The agency DoubleV was also visited by “MIXNINE,” with performances put on by Song Ji Eun, Moon Hye Young, Goo Min Hee, and Kang Ji Won.

“MIXNINE” also saw performances by trainees without agencies including Park Do Ha of “Boys24,” JB’s Jang Do Yoon, and BYKING’s Yao Ming Ming.

More photos of trainees without agencies include former YG trainee Kim Geon Hak, Oh Ji Hwan, and Choi Dong Ha of “Produce 101 Season 2.”

More performers for “MIXNINE” included Moon Ji Hoo (another trainee without an agency) and Kiwi Media’s Oh Sung Jong. Woo Taewoon, who is well known as a member of groups Coed School and Speed, and is also the brother of Block B’s Zico, is also seen in the photos.

Maroo Entertainment is an agency that is home to artists including Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon, Kim Jong Kook, BONUSBaby, and more. Their artists invited the staff of “MIXNINE” into their agency while wearing shirts that read “Welcome to Maroo Entertainment.”

Maroo Entertainment artists who took part in the “MIXNINE” agency tour included Choi Moon Hee, Kim Chae Hyun, Gong Yoo Jin, Jung Ha Yoon, Kim Da Yoon, Bum Ga Ohn, Ahn Da Bi, Speed and Coed School’s Kim Jung Woo, Son Joon Hyung, Cho Young Ho, Hwang Dong Joon, Lee Jae Sung, Han Jong Yeon, and Shin Min Chan.

The “MIXNINE” visit to Major 9 Entertainment (formerly The Vibe Label) included performances by Lee Seung Mi, Cha Joo Hyun, Park Hye Ri, Kim Sun Hong, Im So Hyun, Lee Soo Hyun, Park Jung Wook, Hero, and Han Seung Min.

Members of the pre-debut girl group Neon Punch represented their agency A100 Entertainment during the tour, as well as trainee Jeon Ye Im. The Neon Punch members who took part are Yoo Dong Joo (stage name Iaan), Son Min Jung (Arang), Lee Ha Jung, Kim Soo Ah (Baekah), Hwang Yeon Kyung (Dayeon).

“MIXNINE” also shared photos from IME Korea, with trainees Kim Joo Yeon, Park Jin Sol, Park Soo Min, Ahn Han Byul, Park Eun Jo, Kim Han Kyul, Kim Sung Yeon, Park Joon Hyun, and Lee Eun Seo taking part.

Another stop on the “MIXNINE” tour was to JTG, where they met the members of girl group Berry Good, Kim Hyun Jung (DaYe), Kang Se Hyung, Moon Yoo Jung (Gowoon), Shin Ji Won (Johyun), Seo Yoo Ri (Seoyul), and Yuju (Taeha).

More “MIXNINE” visits included performances by former JYP trainee Minami Riho (who can be seen in Zico’s “She’s a Baby” MV), as well as Park Jin Hee and Han Ji Yoon.

Romeo and ELRIS showed their skills at the Hunus Entertainment visit from “MIXNINE.” All seven members of Romeo can be seen in the photos, including Hwang Yun Sung, Kim Min Hwi (Minsung), Kim Min Hak (Milo), Mah Jae Kyung (Kyle), Kim Hyun Jong (Hyunkyung), Lee Seung Hwan, and Noh Kang Min.

ELRIS members in the photos include Min Ka Rin, Choi Yoon Ah (Bella), Lee Yu Kyung, and Yang Hye Sun (Hyesung), and the photos also include Yoo Ha Eun.

The “MIXNINE” stop at Choon included trainees Park Soo Hee, Kim Seo Hyun, Bae Yoon Hee, Hong Joo Hyun, Hong Ji Yoon, Kim Ji Yoon, Kim So Mi, Seo Yoo Rim, Choi Na Ra, and Kim Sung Eun.

Day twelve of the “MIXNINE” agency tour included performances by Moon Young Seo, Chun In Tae, and Jang Han Byul.

Photos from Urbane Music show Hwang Dong Hee, Kim Dong Kyun, Choi Seung Ho, and Jung Sung Chul performing for the visitors from “MIXNINE.”

“MIXNINE” also stopped by Happy Face Entertainment, which is home to DreamCatcher, Dal Shabet, V.O.S, and more. Male artists seen in the photos include Kim Hyun Soo, Cho Yoon Chul, Won Hyun Shik, Yoon Jae Hee, Lee Jong Min, and Kim Jun Hyung, as well as trainees Woo Jin Young, Park Woo Dam, and Cho Yong Goon from “Produce 101 Season 2.”

All seven members of DreamCatcher also performed for “MIXNINE,” including Kim Yoo Hyun, Kim Bo Ra (SuA), Kim Min Ji (JiU), Lee Yoo Bin (Dami), Lee Si Yeon (Siyeon), Lee Ga Hyeon, and Han Dong.

The “MIXNINE” stop at Base Camp Studio included performances by Nam Yoo Jin (Eyedi) and Jung Sa Ra.

The six members of girl group Favorite took part in the “MIXNINE” stop at their agency ASTORY. The members include Park Ga Eul, Kim Se Young (Saebom), Kim Min Joo (Seoyeon), Cho Soo Kyung, Go Jung Hee, and Go Ah Ra.

Male trainees from ASTORY also performed for “MIXNINE,” including Go Kang San, Lee Min Chun, Albert, and Byun Sung Tae.

Others who performed for “MIXNINE” included StarRoad’s Rena, and trainees without agencies Oh Si Young, Kim Nam Ah, and Han Hye Ri.

Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi showed what she can do at the Polaris visit from “MIXNINE,” along with trainees Choi Ha Young, Bang Suji, and Yoo Ha Jung.

Most recently, “MIXNINE” shared photos of performances by Heo Yoo Jung, Kim Soo Yeon, and Ogawa Mizuki.

MIXNINE will premiere on October 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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