Watch: “Wanna One Go” Releases First Teaser For Next Season + Confirms Broadcast Date

The first teaser has been unveiled for the next part of Wanna One’s reality show!

This upcoming season is titled “Wanna One Go: ZERO BASE.” The previous season only aired two episodes, but “Wanna One Go: ZERO BASE” will have eight episodes. The extended length of the program will reveal more charms of the members through behind-the-scenes and a greater variety of content.

In the teaser released on October 24, the Wanna One members provide hints with words like “zero base” and “secret room,” causing further curiosity for the show.

It has been confirmed that the Mnet program will start on November 3 at 11 p.m. KST, as previously reported.

Watch the teaser below:

Meanwhile, Wanna One is returning with a repackaged album on November 13. Check out the teasers here!

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