“Melo Holic” PD Reveals More On Kyung Soo Jin’s Character And Her Split Personality

More details on Kyung Soo Jin’s character in “Melo Holic” have been revealed.

“Melo Holic,” which is set to air in November, tells the story of Han Ye Ri (Kyung Soo Jin) and Yoo Eun Ho (TVXQ’s Yunho). Yoo Eun Ho has the ability to read women’s minds while Han Ye Ri has an alter personality named Han Ju Ri, who is her polar opposite. On October 24, a behind cut poster of Kyung Soo Jin’s character was released, showing the two different sides.

Kyung Soo Jin’s character Han Ye Ri is described as an innocent and pure person who is unable to date because of her second personality, Han Ju Ri, who is provocatively sexy. With her drastic character change and unpredictable transformations, viewers can look forward to watching Yoo Eun Ho’s hilarious reactions as well as the development of their sweet yet unconventional romance.

PD Kim Dong Hee stated, “As Kyung Soo Jin’s lovely charms increase with her character’s split personality, viewers will be able to see a character that is both sloppy and fatally charming.”

Meanwhile, “Melo Holic,” starring TVXQ’s Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin, is set to air in November.

Watch the trailer for the drama below!

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