“Youth Over Flowers” PD Talks About How Hard It Was To Fool WINNER

On October 24, producing director (PD) Shin Hyo Jung talked about her recent experience filming “Youth Over Flowers” with WINNER.

She said to Star News, “We recently came back from filming WINNER’s ‘Youth Over Flowers.’ The WINNER members said that they had fun, which was a relief. We all had fun filming and came back safely.”

In a previous interview with Star News, the PD had confessed how hard it was to fool WINNER. The highlight of “Youth Over Flowers” is to carry off the guests without warning or preparation for a trip, but the WINNER members already knew in advance that they would be going.

In Particular, Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Jin Woo had gotten into the habit of always carrying around a bag full of emergency food and necessary supplies. Reportedly, after WINNER had been confirmed to appear on “Youth Over Flowers,” for many months they would carry the bags even if just going out to eat.

PD Shin said, “It was really hard [to take them by surprise]. But thankfully, a lot of people wanted to see us succeed and supported and helped us so that we were able to fool them. To see how we did it, please watch the broadcast. I think the hidden camera prank will be very entertaining.”

The hidden prank appears to have been a resounding success – despite WINNER’s preparations, they were photographed at the airport wearing prisoners’ uniforms. However, when they returned they were photographed wearing suits.

PD Shin said, “You can confirm through the broadcast that the members changed clothes from their departure to their return, but it was really through an incident beyond imagining. Comparing the different atmospheres between departure and return will be a highlight [of the broadcast].”

The PD added, “In the history of ‘Youth Over Flowers,’ they left in the most seedy clothes and came back in the coolest clothes. It’s two extremes. They are also the youngest group to appear on ‘Youth Over Flowers’ and it was really different. I felt that the vacations of kids in their 20s are really different.”

WINNER’s “Youth Over Flowers” special was born through Song Mino’s wish on “Journey to the New West 4,” which wrapped up in August.

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