EXO’s D.O. Is A Rebellious College Student In “Room Number 7” Stills

The mystery-thriller film “Room Number 7” recently released new stills of EXO’s D.O. as his character Tae Jung.

Tae Jung is a college student who is taking a break from school and working part-time at a failing DVD room to pay back his loans. He dreams of becoming a musician, but due to his debt and delayed paychecks, he barely has enough time to produce a demo track to send to an agency.

In the released stills, viewers can catch a glimpse of Tae Jung’s rebellious yet youthful sense of fashion. He sports a half buzz cut and has a long tattoo engraved on one side of his neck. A simple shirt or hoodie is always included in his outfits.

“Room Number 7” tells the story of an unsuccessful DVD room in Seoul in which both the owner (played by Shin Ha Kyun) and part-time worker hide their own unspeakable secrets. The movie will premiere on November 15.

Meanwhile, you can check out his previous stills from the movie here.

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