Epik High Reflects On Their New Album And 14-Year Journey Together

Epik High is back! The group recently made a successful comeback with their 9th album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful,” which is their first in three years. The album’s release also coincided with their 14-year anniversary, and the group opened up about their long journey together as a group.

On their songs ranking No. 1 on various music charts, Tablo expressed, “We didn’t expect it at all. Amongst ourselves, we said we shouldn’t care about chart results, even to the point where we talked about turning off our phones when the album was released. But we’re really thankful that we got such great results. We think it’s a huge blessing.” He also mentioned, “As we thought about [how long we could do music], we thought that we should make memories that if we looked back on our time together, we could say that we did some surprising things, and maybe some wonderful things. That’s how the title of our album came about.”

Their newly-released album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful” is about living life and experiencing love, and sends the message that even if you’ve experienced failures in life and love, that that in and of itself is a great accomplishment.

When asked about the long time between their albums and promotions, they stated, “We had a lot of work. We’re at a certain age now, and as we’re a group that isn’t that popular, I think some of the work we’ve been doing hasn’t been seen a lot. Although we have the same 24 hours a day, we can’t use all of our time like we used to. Tablo and DJ Tukutz have kids and since Mithra Jin got married, he’s been spending more time with his family, which is part of the reason why our album took longer to be released.”

When asked what the members think their greatest achievement was or what they’ve done best throughout their career, Mithra Jin replied, “I think my greatest achievement in the last 14 years is when I accepted the offer to join Epik High.” DJ Tukutz agreed and stated, “At first, I was more like an honorary member. But then one day in the car, Tablo asked me, ‘Do you want to be a real member, or do you want to remain an honorary member?’ to which I replied without even one second of hesitation that I wanted to be a real member. I think that’s what I’ve done best.” Tablo answered, “I keep recalling a few instances where I thought I couldn’t do this anymore, but I kept challenging myself. I think learning, experiencing, and improving during those moments where I could have given up, is the best thing I’ve done.”

The group reaffirmed their loyalty for one another and stated, “Epik High is a team that does the best when the three of us are together. I think our disbandment is impossible.”

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