Jung Hae In Reveals In What Ways He Is Like His “While You Were Sleeping” Character

Rising actor Jung Hae In recently took part in a photo shoot for the November issue of Marie Claire magazine, where he showcased his soft charisma.

In the accompanying interview, he shared his sincere thoughts on acting and discussed his most recent project and goals.

The actor revealed how he is similar to his “While You Were Sleeping” character, and explained that he “is honest when expressing [his] emotions” just like Han Woo Tak.

As for his career aspirations, Jung Hae In explained, “I want to mature as a kind actor. Since this is a profession where people meet and create an end product together, I have to be a good person first before I before I become a certain kind of actor.”

In addition to his on-going role as Han Woo Tak in “While You Were Sleeping,” Jung Hae In also plays the lead role in film “The Age of Blood, 2017,” which will be released this coming November.

Check out Jung Hae In in action as Han Woo Tak starting with the first episode of “While You Were Sleeping” below!

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