First Teasers Of Hoya Revealed From Upcoming Fantasy Drama “Two Cops”

New teaser photos have been released for Hoya’s role in the upcoming fantasy crime drama “Two Cops,” which also stars Jo Jung Suk and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.

In the drama, Hoya plays the brainy Dok Go Sung Hyuk, the youngest detective of the violent crimes unit who doesn’t forget a single thing he’s ever seen. His character has a quirky, off-the-wall charm, with his tendency to, when he becomes a fan of something, fall hard. Sung Hyuk falls hard for Cha Dong Tak (Jo Jung Suk), and becomes like his shadow, following him wherever he goes.

“Two Cops” staff said, “From the beginning, Hoya has shown exceptional passion for acting. He’s always looking at the script even when he’s resting, and he carefully monitors all scenes he is in, no matter how small or brief.”

“Two Cops” is a fantasy drama about a cop, who gets possessed by a con artist (Cha Dong Tak, played by Jo Jung Suk), and a fiery reporter (Song Ji An, played by Hyeri). The drama will be airing in November after the conclusion of “20th Century Boy and Girl.”

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