Watch: TWICE Shows Off Their Lovely Charms In “Weekly Idol” Preview

TWICE will be visiting “Weekly Idol” once again!

The preview for next week’s episode is full of hilarious and sweet segments.

In the beginning, MC Jung Hyung Don skips Dahyun and greets the rest of the members warmly. When she attempts to give him a friendly high-five, he gives her an awkward bow, causing everyone else to burst into laughter. Jung Hyung Don jokes, “I feel a bit distant [from you]. Let’s take our time getting to know each other.” (All the TWICE members except Dahyun appeared on the show “Carefree Travelers” with Jung Hyung Don.)

While Dahyun is being left in the dust by Jung Hyung Don, Jeongyeon is being showered with affectionate kisses from her members. In the clip, you can see how awkward and embarrassed she feels every time a member kiss her. When all the members circle around her to give her a peck, she covers her face in mortification.

Last but not least, the girls also dance cutely, bringing smiles onto the hosts’ faces.

Watch the preview below!