Watch: JBJ Hilariously Attempts To Be Sexy On “Weekly Idol”

On the October 25 episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol,” JBJ, MXM, Samuel, and Jeong Sewoon reunited. The former “Produce 101 Season 2” trainees showed off their charms as professional idols.

When it was JBJ’s turn, they tried their best to show off a sexy charisma and ultimately failed to appeal to the hosts.

In the beginning, leader Noh Tae Hyun attempted to give off a bad boy aura by speaking informally to the viewers, but in the end, he couldn’t hold in his laughter, which caused his level of swag to go down. However, the group started to gain their sexy image back through the performance of their debut title track “Fantasy.”

The sexy image is short-lived though when the members of the group have to pose for their sexy concepts. The host Jung Hyung Don, who seemed to not understand how their concept is sexy, asked, “So JBJ’s concept is sexiness?” Kim Dong Han replied, “Yes. I’m the youngest member and I’m 20 years old. All of us are adults.” Uncertain, Jung Hyung Don asked, “So where is your sexiness?” The other host Defconn added, “Just because you opened the buttons of your shirt doesn’t mean you’re sexy, you know?”

Jung Hyung Don mentioned JBJ’s “three types of sexiness,” which are refreshing sexy, dandy sexy, and decadence sexy. When asked which members are refreshing sexy, Kim Dong Han and Kenta raised their hands with sheepish smiles. The dandy sexy members are Noh Tae Hyun and Kim Sang Gyun while the decadence sexy members are Kim Yong Guk and Kwon Hyun Bin.

The refreshing sexy members posed first, but their poses were somewhat awkward, causing Jung Hyung Don to say in disbelief, “So this is what refreshing sexy is like.” Next up were Noh Tae Hyun and Kim Sang Gyun. They were somewhat “sexier” than the two previous members, yet there was a hint of awkwardness in the air.

When it was the decadence sexy members’ turn, Kwon Hyun Bin said, “We’ll show you dirty sexy.” It was then that the hosts found out he is also a model. Despite being a model, Kwon Hyun Bin posed in exotic, strange positions that made everyone wonder what on earth he was doing. Jung Hyung Don commented, “I can’t say anything [to criticize him] because he’s a model.”

Maknae Kim Dong Han advised Kwon Hyun Bin to lie down, and when Kwon Hyun Bin actually did lie down on the floor, Defconn cried out, “You actually listen to him?” Following that, Jung Hyung Don asked, “Why is Yong Guk decadence sexy?” To that, Kwon Hyunbin replied, “Because he’s standing next to me, so [he was chosen] on impulse.”

Watch the hilarious clip below!