Moon Hee Jun Reveals How He And His Wife Soyul Make Up After Fights

On the October 25 episode of Channel A’s “Dad’s True Colors,” former H.O.T leader Moon Hee Jun disclosed the way he and Crayon Pop’s Soyul make up after having a fight.

The topic was brought up when Kim Hyung Gyu came on the show wearing the shirt he wore on the first date with his wife Kim Yoon Ah. Kim Hyung Gyoo bragged that it was a shirt with many memories in it, so Moon Hee Jun talked about his own clothes that had memories with his wife.

Moon Hee Jun revealed, “Truthfully speaking, [Soyul and I] hung up the clothes we wore on our first date next to each other. When we are having a hard time [taking care] of our child and get annoyed, we look at the clothes and try to work things out.” By looking at those outfits, they remember the day they went on their first date and make an effort to ease the atmosphere.

Host Kim Gura, who was watching him with an unhappy expression, commented, “The expiration date doesn’t last long.” His comment that represents what most divorcés like him would think made everyone in the studio burst into laughter.

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