KNK, VARSITY, And More Feature In New “MIXNINE” Agency Tour Photos

With only a few days left until its premiere, “MIXNINE” has shared some more photos from its agency tour!

The YG Entertainment and JTBC survival show will feature trainees and idols competing for a spot in the finalist groups, with either a female or male nine-member group debuting at the end.

“MIXNINE” has now shared photos from days 14 to 15 of their tour of over 60 agencies, which include glimpses of performances by trainees as well as members of groups including KNK, VARSITY, Icia, and more.

The “MIXNINE” visit to NH Media (home to U-KISS and LABOUM) featured performances by Kim Dong Hyun, Lee Ha Bit, Cho Han Gook, Yoo Seung Hyun, Jang Sung Kyu, Lee Geon, Jang Yun Ho, and Choi Won Seok.

The agency tour stop at The Entertainment Pascal featured an introduction to Im So Young, Go Young Heun, Park Ga Eun, and Han Yoo Na.

Girl group Icia showed what they can do at the “MIXNINE” visit to their agency DAM Entertainment. Photos show Kang Ye Ri, Kim Sol, Kim Hyo Kyung, and Lee Bo Ra performing for the visitors.

Male trainees Kwon Hyuk, Kim Min Suk, and Yoon Dae Hyuk also introduced themselves through performances at the agency tour.

KNK’s agency YNB Entertainment was also part of the agency tour, during which all five members performed for the visitors from “MIXNINE.” Photos were shared of Jeong Inseong, Park Seungjun, Oh Heejun, Kim Jihun, and Kim Youjin.

Another visit on the “MIXNINE” tour was to Jungle Entertainment, where they met girl group 4TEN’s Jung Hye Ji, Park Hye Jin, and Kwak Heeo, as well as Seo Ji Soo.

The guys of VARSITY were also part of the stop, and photos show members Kang Min Seok (Xiweol), Jin Jun Woo (Bullet), Manny, Jung Seung Bo, Deung Bin (Jaebin), Cho Da Won, Kim Jun Hoe (Kid), Qiū Báo Hàn (Damon), Jang Yun Ho, Wang Xinwi (Xin), Jin Seung Wook (Riho), and Anthony.

Next up are photos from DK Entertainment, featuring trainees Choi Ji Sun, Kim Hyun Jung, Park Young Bi, and Kim Min Kyung.

“MIXNINE” also saw performances by trainees without agencies including Kim Dae Hwi and Heo Jung Yoon, as well as Vine Entertainment’s Seo Eun Kyo.

“Produce 101 Season 2” trainee Yoon Yong Bin from Banana Entertanment also performed for “MIXNINE,” as well as Star Road’s Kim Min Soo.

KQ Entertainment is the home to artists including boy group Block B. The agency’s “MIXNINE” visit included performances by trainees Kim Hong Joong, Song Min Ki, Park Sung Hwa, Kang Yeo Sang, Choi Jong Ho, Jung Yoon Ho, Choi San, Jung Woo Young, and Park Ji Yeon.

“MIXNINE” is set to premiere on October 29 on JTBC, and the show has so far shared performances videos of 79 trainees.