GOT7 Talks About The Pressure And Happiness They Felt While Making Their Album

GOT7 members graced the cover as well as the pages of the November issue of Dazed magazine.

All seven members took part in the black and white pictorial and answered questions during an interview. GOT7 has continued to move forward with their success in the idol world and received a lot of love and attention for their musical growth. For their newest album “7 For 7,” all seven members participated in writing the lyrics or producing the songs.

When asked about making and finishing the album, JB said, “I felt a lot of pressure and responsibility. However, because of that, I paid more attention and worked harder.”

Youngjae added, “A lot of our thoughts and opinions were reflected in the album, but the overall ‘big picture’ and coordination were created together with our agency. Rather than feeling burdened, I was happy we could do something we wanted to do.”

Check out the stylish monochromatic photos of GOT7 below!

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