Yoo Seung Ho Is A Source Of Bright Energy On Set Of His Upcoming Rom-Com Drama

The first look at Yoo Seung Ho in his newest project has been revealed!

The actor is currently filming MBC’s “I’m Not a Robot” (literal title), which tells the story of a nearly perfect man Kim Min Gyu who has it all, from looks to a successful career, but has just one crippling flaw: he’s ‘allergic to humans.’ He begins to fall in love with a woman (played by Chae Soo Bin) who he believes is a robot, but is actually a real human being.

Not only will this drama mark Yoo Seung Ho’s first attempt at romantic comedy, but he will also be showcasing yet another dimension to his acting through this unique character.

In the released stills, the star looks as if he stepped out of a comic as he stares at someone not pictured with a variety of expressions.

“You could say that this is the brightest character I’ve ever played. I was also attracted to the idea that he is someone ailed with ‘an allergy to humans.’ I was captivated by the script immediately, and read it all in one go while laughing periodically,” Yoo Seung Ho shared. “I think my expectation for this drama grows as I discuss the production with director Jung Dae Yoon, and because of the fact that I get to work with good actors. I want to work hard whilst filming so that I can complete a good production.”

The production crew only had good things to say about the actor, and his chemistry with the drama’s director, Jung Dae Yoon.

They explained, “Yoo Seung Ho just as himself is a source of strength on set. The staff members that were present at the first shoot were amazed at how perfectly he got into character and portrayed Kim Min Gyu.”

He reportedly has already perfected how to act in-character, thanks to his continuous discussions with director Jung Dae Yoon and his relentless efforts. Even when the weather suddenly became colder, the actor is rumored to have not let it affect his work as he personally checked things like his lines and the styling of his character.

The drama’s staff also revealed how Yoo Seung Ho and director Jung Dae Yoon work so well together, it’s hard to believe that this is their first production.

“It seemed like director Jung Dae Yoon and Yoo Seung Ho just clicked when they first met. Filming has just started, but they will talk to each other on set whenever they get the chance, and will smile at each other even when they happen to make eye contact,” the crew explained. “They have such a close relationship [now] that you realize that this is what ‘bromance’ really means. There’s no reason for the production to not do well when such a director and actor make a perfect match.”

“I’m Not a Robot” is set to air sometime before the year ends.

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