Park Shin Hye Candidly Shares Her Worries About Marriage

In a recent interview for her film “Silent Witness” (also known as “Blackened Heart”), Park Shin Hye touched on her experience with dating and breaking up.

She commented, “Couldn’t I also be going through [the pain of separation] without anyone knowing?”

The actress also shared her thoughts on marriage, after playing a lawyer who is hired to clear the name of a influential businessman’s daughter, who is accused of killing her father’s fiancee, in “Silent Witness.”

“I’m scared as well,” she revealed. “Marriage was a dream of mine but I started to think that it is a really difficult thing. The number of people around me who are married continues to grow, and while I am jealous, I also wonder if I could live the rest of my life with one person [like that].” Park Shin Hye added, “I’ve temporarily set aside the idea of marriage for now.”

“Silent Witness” is set to premiere in domestic theaters on November 2.

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