NU’EST W’s Baekho Talks About Which Unexpected Person Decided On His Stage Name

During an appearance on SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Cultwo Show” alongside Wheesung, NU’EST W’s Baekho shared how he ended up with his stage name.

“UEE gave me my stage name,” Baekho explained. “[I think] it’s because she likes ‘Slam Dunk.'” The singer, whose real name is Kang Dong Ho, previously explained that UEE had told him his appearance and charisma reminded of her of Kang Baek Ho (Sakuragi Hanamichi), the main protagonist of the “Slam Dunk” series.

Fellow member Ren also touched on how more people know about the group nowadays, saying, “Until we appeared on Mnet’s ‘Produce 101,’ only people like the person running the convenience store in front of our dorm recognized us, but we’re happily promoting because these days many people recognize us.”

NU’EST W will be continuing their promotions for their most recent title track, “Where You At.”

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