“20th Century Boy and Girl” Announces Changes To Last Week Of Scheduling

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “20th Century Boy and Girl” has been swept up in rumors of being cut short. The drama has come out to deny the rumors, but has also announced changes to the scheduling of the last episodes of the series.

On October 26, a representative of MBC stated, “’20th Century Boy and Girl’ will end as planned with 32 episodes (30-minute episodes, 2 episodes per day) but during the last week from November 20 to 23, the drama will air every day from Monday to Thursday.”

This was a direct response to rumors that the drama had been cut shorter by 4 episodes to become a 28-episode series. Instead, the drama is set to air for four days straight in its final week, ending a Monday-Tuesday drama on a Thursday.

Industry insiders are speculating that MBC is doing this so that its new drama “Two Cops” can begin airing on November 27, putting it at an advantage over its upcoming competitor, SBS’s “Doubtful Victory” (tentative title), by airing its first episode earlier. “20th Century Boy and Girl” began airing two weeks later than originally planned due to the current strike going on in MBC. Starting off of an odd foot, the drama is also set to end under abnormal circumstances.

Watch the latest episode of “20th Century Boy and Girl” below!

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