Update: Soyou Shares Preview For 1st Solo Album “Part.1 RE:BORN”

Updated December 12 KST:

Soyou has shared a listen to all of the songs on her new album “Part.1 RE:BORN”!

Get a preview of her new tracks below:

Updated December 11 KST:

Soyou has shared a teaser for her upcoming music video “The Night”! The song will feature Geeks and is produced by Primary.

Updated December 8 KST: 

Soyou has dropped the tracklist for her upcoming solo album!

The song includes the pre-release duet she sang with Sung Si Kyung (“I Still“) and includes five other tracks, such as “The Night,” “I Learned From You,” “Good Person,” “I Need Warmth,” and “Seven Years Old” (all literal translations). “The Night” features Geeks and was produced by Primary, “I Learned From You” was produced by Yoon Jong Shin, “Good Person” was written by Baek Ye Rin, and “Seven Years Old” was produced by and features MoonMoon.

Soyou’s first album “Part.1 RE:BORN” will be released on December 13.

Updated December 6 KST:

Soyou has shared some stunning teaser photos for her first full solo album!

Updated November 30 KST:

Soyou has now gifted fans with a new teaser photo for her first solo album “Part.1 RE:BORN.”

Updated November 27 KST:

Soyou has finally confirmed a release date for her solo album!

A source from her agency revealed, “Soyou’s first full-length album “Part.1″ will be released on [December] 13 next month. She plans to hold a showcase on the day of its release.”

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Updated November 2 KST:

Soyou has shared that her new track “An Obvious Farewell” (working title) featuring Sung Si Kyung is due out on November 16!

Original Article:

Soyou is set to make a solo comeback this November and she’s released her first teaser!

Shared on Soyou’s official Twitter account on October 26, the image shows a star-studded list of people in the music industry who will work with the singer on her upcoming album.

Not only will Soyou be singing with Sung Si Kyung, MoonMoon, and Geeks, but she will also have tracks produced by Primary, Gureum, Davi, Yoon Jong Shin, No Reply, Yoon Hyun Sang, MIND U, and Lee Kwan.

This will be Soyou’s first album as a solo artist since SISTAR disbanded this summer. She has already made her mark as a “Collaboration Queen” with tracks like “Some” and “Rain,” and it will be interesting to see what she has up her sleeves.

What collaboration are you most excited for from Soyou?

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