Park Shin Hye Reveals What She’s Really Like Vs. What People Expect

On October 26, Park Shin Hye sat down with Mydaily for an interview where she talked about a variety of topics.

During the interview, she revealed what many think about her, and how she actively makes an effort to be as genuine as possible to those around her.

One key word that comes to mind when thinking about Park Shin Hye is “beautiful actress.” That was the same for Jung Ji Woo, the director of the movie “Silence.” Park Shin Hye said, “Director Jung Ji Woo initially thought that I was ‘just a beautiful actress.’ That’s why he suggested lawyer Hee Jung’s character to me.”

She also revealed that many people believe that her personality is always bright, since her characters are often that way. She said, “I’m not always like that. I know how to express when I’m upset (laughs). I lose my temper sometimes and cry, and I sometimes lock myself in my house because I feel gloomy. I can’t be refreshing like someone who ate 1,000 vitamins everyday, right?”

Park Shin Hye also talked about how many expect her to be good-natured every second of the day. She said, “People expect me to give everything to others, but I’m not that nice. They are super surprised when they realize this part of me. When I’m tired, I say I’m tired. I’m really honest about my feelings.”

Lastly, she talked about the nickname “King of personal connections.” She said, “It’s already been 14 years since my debut and I’ve worked with over 100 people. I have only good memories of them, so I am still on good terms with them.”

She continued, “I don’t really believe what people say about other people. I continue building a relationship just with what I’ve experienced with them. Even if I get to see them only one or two times a year, we are super close. If I keep suspecting people [based on what I hear], then I’ll just be super exhausted.”

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