After School’s Lizzy Shares Latest Thoughts On The Idol Life And Her Future Plans

Lizzy revealed her ardent passion for getting a makeup license!

On October 27, an event was held to explain the reconstruction of Tcast’s FashionN and “Please Take Care of My Vanity.” Many stars, such as Son Dam Bi from “My Private TV” and Chungha, Lizzy, and f(x)’s Luna from “Please Take Care of My Vanity” were present at this event.

Lizzy revealed at the event, “An idol’s life cannot continue forever. But I can learn about makeup, and I’m thinking if I study hard, I can try to get the national license for it sometime. I think there are many things that I need to accomplish in the future. I am very happy in many ways.”

Meanwhile, “Please Take Care of My Vanity” will air its first episode on October 31 at 9 p.m. KST!

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