Wanna One’s Agency Responds To Misunderstanding About Kang Daniel At The Seoul Awards

Updated October 27 KST:

A representative of The Seoul Awards has confirmed that YMC Entertainment had not said Kang Daniel would be able to present at the award ceremony.

“We did send an SOS this morning, but we received a definite reply that it would be difficult for him to come as a presenter because of his planned filming,” they stated. “There seems to have been a misunderstanding in communication. Kang Daniel was not late.”

Original Article:

Wanna One’s agency has spoken up following a misunderstanding that arose about member Kang Daniel.

On October 27, Wanna One attended The Seoul Awards to stage a special congratulatory performance of “Pick Me.” All eleven members of the group took part in the performance.

However, the hosts announced at one point during the show that T-ara’s Eunjung and Wanna One’s Kang Daniel would be the next presenters. When Eunjung came on stage on her own, she said, “Kang Daniel, who was going to be a presenter with me, is on his way but [has been delayed] due to traffic.”

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Many viewers have taken this to mean that Kang Daniel had originally been scheduled to be a presenter, but did not arrive at the promised time.

However, Wanna One’s agency YMC Entertainment has explained that Kang Daniel was actually never scheduled to be a presenter.

A source from YMC Entertainment said, “It’s true that all the members of Wanna One, including Kang Daniel, planned to take part in The Seoul Awards through a congratulatory performance. However, Kang Daniel presenting an award was not something that had been discussed in advance.”

“Right before the event, we received an offer from the organizers asking if Kang Daniel could take part as a presenter,” the source continued. “We clearly told them that he would not be able to participate due to his schedule. There was only time for him to take part in the congratulatory performance.”

“It is unfortunate that despite that fact, it was portrayed as though he had disrupted the event because of a mistake and lateness,” the source said.

Wanna One is currently preparing to make a comeback on November 13 with a repackaged album, and you can check out their latest teasers here.

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