Watch: BTS Shows How They Designed Their Own Original LINE FRIENDS Characters

BTS turned into artists to design their now beloved BT21 characters for LINE FRIENDS!

The BT21 characters are representations of each member of BTS, with the guys taking part in the whole process of creating their own characters. BTS got to draw their own sketches for their characters, instead of the usual process of having them designed originally by artists. They also determined the characteristics, preferences, and values of each of the characters in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS.

The characters and their LINE FRIENDS stickers have been hugely popular, with over 8 million downloads, 420,000 followers on BTS21’s official social media accounts, and 71 million exposures on Twitter within only the first ten days after their release.

New videos of the guys show them designing their characters and then explaining what they’d drawn, with the other members naturally becoming art critics as everyone showed off their drawings.

Watch their process in the latest episodes of “Making of BT21” below, with English subtitles!

The guys’ characters are named TATA (V), RJ (Jin), CHIMMY (Jimin), COOKY (Jungkook), MANG (J-Hope), SHOOKY (Suga), and KOYA (Rap Monster), and they’ve also designed the character VAN as their guardian. You can check out a video below that explains the story behind their characters!

Which BT21 character is your favorite?