iKON Members Are Rebellious Students In Preview For Upcoming Field Trip Show

JTBC has shared a funny new look at the upcoming reality show featuring iKON!

The show “Global Friendship Project School – Rebellious Field Trip” (working title) will be following iKON and comedian cast members (Jung Hyung DonJo Se HoKim Shin Young, and more) as they go on a field trip with seven students of “Tokyo Girls’ High School,” which is composed of Japanese actresses, models, and members from girl group GEM.

A new preview clip for the show features the guys of iKON all excited for their trip as they’re dressed up as members of “Yang’s High School.” However, Jung Hyung Don, who’s playing the role of the “dean of students,” puts on an angry act as he points out that they’ve got their uniforms on incorrectly to look cool, and tells them, “Put your hair down flat!”

Jung Hyung Don then monitors them as they’re getting on the bus and warns them against trying to get away from the group. “Don’t oppress us too much!” protests Jinhwan, which makes Jung Hyung Don approach him while saying something that’s been beeped out.

The cast members acting as the school staff also go through the guys’ suitcases, finding cards for a gambling game in a glasses case, and the clip shows Jung Hyung Don launching himself at one of the iKON “students” as they’re checking all their belongings.

The clip also says that part of every school trip is breaking the rules, and shows the guys of iKON hanging out together with Bobby asking, “Do you want to take a sip of that?” The show doesn’t reveal what they’re drinking, so fans will have to wait until it airs to see what they’re up to!

“Global Friendship Project School – Rebellious Field Trip” was produced by YG Entertainment, and is set to premiere on November 4 on JTBC.

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